4 Reasons Why You Need to Choose Hardcover Binding

Do you want your print to be read or cherished?

Deciding between paperback or hardback for your next print project?

Before making your decision purely on cost, you should consider how hardcover binding can really transform your product. Not only is it a great solution for almost any custom project, but it will also ensure that your book will stand out on that bookshelf and make an impact with your readers so that they will treasure it for years.

To help you make the right decision for your print, here are 4 reasons why you need to consider hardcover binding.

Hardcover binding: the benefits

Hardcover binding, or case binding, involves creating a book by sewing the pages into the spine or binding them into a block using adhesive before glueing them into the hardcover. This offers many benefits such as:

Superior strength and durability

Hardcover books are designed to last year after year, so if you need a strong and durable product, case binding is the way to go. Not only do modern binding techniques provide strength, such as the strongest section sewn products, but they also now provide flexibility where you can lay your book flat.

A hardback booking lying open


Although hardcover binding is typically associated with professional books, such as law and medical textbooks, and to products that need to last a long time such as yearbooks, this type of binding can be used for any type of print. From Children’s books or fiction to vanity or coffee table books, hardcover binding is the ideal solution to making your print stand out and ensuring it is kept for a lifetime.

Print Tip! With short run technology, you don’t have to print 1000s to be cost-effective. You can produce a small number of books as a premium set or as collectables or even as an addition to the paperback option.

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Every hardback is unique and takes the product to another level.

It’s a difficult task making your paperback print stand out, but we can offer advice on cover material and finishes to do that if you wish to go down that route.

A bookshelf full of hardback books

With hardcover binding, however, this can’t help but stand out further as there is an array of finishing options that you can utilise to make a truly unique product. Customise your print with foil stamping, die cutting, marbling, staining, rounded corners, handwork or custom leather just to name a few! Other finishing touches such as a ribbon or a unique dust jacket can also be used to make an impact.

Superior quality

There’s a reason that professional books are almost exclusively case-bound and that is purely for the quality that it provides. With hardcover binding providing you with a sophisticated product that is both durable and has a quality finish, what more could you want from your print?

With quality comes a tendency to take care and a need to cherish, especially when it comes to hardback books. If you know a book lover or you are one yourself, then you’ll know that hardbacks are a classic collectible item. People love the look and feel of them, they love the feeling of being transported back in time, they love the luxury of them.

A close up of a book corner with hardcover binding

The quality of a hardback book makes it special, makes it an item worth purchasing for occasions or treats, so you need to decide when placing your print – do you want your product to be read or cherished?

Bonus Reason: Hardback sales are increasing! Last year’s book sales figures show an increase in hardback fiction book sales income, up 31% to £97m.

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Hardback or not hardback? That is the question…

As we specialise in the print of both paperbacks and hardbacks at Xpedient BookPrint, whatever the type of binding or finish you are looking for we can help you decide on the most cost-effective, project-specific solution. Long run or short run with production in the UK and overseas, we can support your needs within budget and exceed your quality expectations.


Let us know if you have any questions…