3 reasons why using a print broker improves your business

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Going straight to a printer doesn’t always result in the best ‘deal.’ By deal, we mean the most cost-effective option that you can get without sacrificing the quality of your product. A printer can only offer you one option and that is what is suitable for their press and not necessarily what is best for your book.

If you want to get more from your print (and get the actual product that you want at the price that you want), you should consider using a print broker. Here’s why.

1.    They can help you manage costs

“How can going through a third party be cheaper than going direct?” We get asked this question time and time again. Contrary to what people assume, however, it is cheaper and here’s why.

As a Print Broker, we buy a lot of print daily (and we are talking quite a bit) so our prices are aggressive to start with. We also have very strong long-term relationships with all of our print partners (many over 20 years now) and we know what equipment they have and how that impacts the price for different jobs. The result? We use the most effective presses available (not just what we happen to have on-site) AND we do a lot of the leg work like checking the proof files before they are sent to production.

For you, this means that you save more money. You save on resources and time, and you benefit from us leveraging our relationships to save you on your actual print too.

Of course, Print Brokers will still need a margin in the cost, but you’ll be saving money compared to going direct. Yes, you did hear that right, a print broker doesn’t cost you anything extra (we just save you money and make things easier for you).

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2.    They save you time

Many businesses think they are saving money by sorting out their print themselves, but they don’t account for the huge amount of time that they have to invest in doing so. As we all know, time IS money.

By letting a Print Broker handle your print, you will be free to focus on the higher value work that will actually grow your business. No more constant emails or phone calls to your print suppliers (you could need several different suppliers for all your print requirements). No more comparing multiple quotes or specification options or back and forth with changes or chasing deliveries.

Think of us as your print production department. We will be your only point of contact for everything where ever the production plant is based.

Your time is better spent elsewhere rather than searching endlessly for the best or most cost-effective deal. We take this burden from you so that you have the time to focus on what you do best.

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3.    They give you options

If you go direct to a printer, they are limited to what they can offer you. They only have certain machines and presses in-house, so this means that you run the risk of not getting exactly what you want or paying more unnecessarily.

This is where we really shine. As Print Brokers, we put your needs above everything else. Remember those strong, long-term relationships that we have? We have relationships that cover the whole market which means that we have access to a multitude of machines, presses and suppliers in the UK, Europe and Asia.

We don’t limit you to a specific press or finishing equipment and we don’t push you in a certain direction. What we give you are options. We match your job to the right press, every time, and we give you expert advice on colours and finishes to help you make your print stand out.

We help you choose the best option for your needs rather than restricting you to ‘industry standards.’

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Benefit from using a Print Broker

Print Brokers can help you improve your business from reducing the burden (and cost) of your print to freeing up your time so that you can actually grow your business. Most importantly, they will also ensure that your needs are met by matching your project with the right production equipment every time, delivering cost-effective, top quality print with slick production support and communication.

If you haven’t used a Print Broker before and you want to know more about how we can help your business, please get in touch with us today. We’d love to help.

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