Paperback book printing

Paperbacks need no introduction.

The most popular book type today and the one we print most often, the paperback, or perfect bound or soft back book, is perfect for any printing need. In particular, novels, autobiographies, children’s books, travel guides and poetry collections, are all usually printed as paperback books due to their markets.

There are lots of reasons to choose to print your book as a paperback, with the fact that they are more cost effective than hardbacks, more portable, and are printed quicker, being among them.

They also offer you more flexibility in terms of format, type of paper and finishing, and they may be printed in runs of any length.

Long story short, we just LOVE them!

Advantages of paperbacks:

  • More cost effective
  • More affordable for both client and consumer
  • Offers unlimited printing options
  • Can be printed quickly
  • Lighter, smaller and portable
  • Perfect for mass production
  • Most popular format of book today
  • A natural replacement for the eBook

Let us know if you have any questions…