Far East or Europe print service

Where quantities, timing and certain formats allow printing overseas can be the best option. After all, while ensuring top quality print, we need to make sure our margins work as well.

Printing overseas has got quite a bad name over the years, with poor papers, bad communication, and late deliveries being amongst many of the issues. While this may be true for many overseas printers flooding the market and trying to make a quick buck, it by no means represents every company.

Xpedient has been delivering high-quality printed products from overseas since 2000, developing very close working relationships with a number of reputable European and Far East suppliers and now acting as an associated partner supplier.

When overseas printing is the right fit for your needs, you can be assured that your project will have the same level of love, attention to detail, quality of finish and on time delivery that you would expect from our UK suppliers.

If you want to discuss whether your next project may be suitable for overseas printing, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

When quoting, we will often provide you with both UK and overseas options where suitable.


Let us know if you have any questions…